For the last several years Sandy has branched out into jewelry fabrication by pairing her affection for natural stones with a facination of adornments thru the history of man kind. The neck wear pieces can be found on or at one of her yearly shows in the North East.




 Arm Wear:

  Adornment for the arm and wrist . These designs are made of leathers, natural stones, silver, brass or copper, and other naturally found   objects. Each piece is designed and hand fabricated. Each pieice is one of a kind.



For The Hand:

The rings are adornments for the hand. A piece that the wearer can visually connect with the most. The rings are made with natural stones, other natural items, silver, brass or copper. Often the rings are mixed metal. The designs start with the stone wchich dictates the metals used and overal contruction . Again, each piece is a handcrafted one of a kind.



Sculpture Wear:

  These pieces are more artistic in their fabrications. Using larger stones and found natural objects along with mixed metals to create a   larger wearable art piece. Usually, these sculptural pieces are on a hand forged neck bar of complimentary metal. Metals used are   always, silver, brass, bronze or copper.